What Does an Excavating Contractor Do?

An excavating contractor specializes in earthmoving, site preparation, and excavation tasks. They handle activities such as digging foundations, grading land, trenching for utilities, and creating trenches for pipelines. These professionals use heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and backhoes to complete construction, landscaping, and infrastructure development projects.

Duties of an Excavation Contractor

An excavation contractor is responsible for digging, trenching, grading, and site preparation for construction projects. Their duties include soil removal, land clearing, ensuring proper safety measures, managing equipment, and coordinating with other construction professionals. They must also adhere to environmental regulations and project specifications while maintaining a safe and efficient work environment.

Integrating Vital Infrastructure 

Integrating vital infrastructure involves the responsible planning and execution of excavation work to accommodate essential utilities and systems. This includes creating trenches or conduits for water, sewage, electricity, gas, and telecommunications. The contractor ensures that these vital infrastructure components are appropriately laid out. They also ensure they are safely installed and integrated within the construction site, allowing seamless functioning and accessibility for future maintenance and repairs.

Installation of Specialty Soils 

Installing specialty soils is precisely placing specific dirt or engineered materials to achieve particular construction goals. These specialty soils could include materials like engineered fill, compacted clay, or other soil blends designed to enhance the properties of the ground. For example, an excavation contractor might install specialty soils in poor soil quality or unstable ground conditions. This will improve the ground's load-bearing capacity, drainage, or stability before construction begins. 

Leveling to Meet Site-specific Elevation Requirements 

Excavation contractors ensure the terrain is appropriately graded according to the specified elevations outlined in the construction plans. This involves using heavy machinery and tools to adjust the ground's slope and contour to match the intended design. Proper leveling is crucial to ensure adequate drainage, foundation stability, and overall functionality of the construction project. The excavation contractor uses their expertise to achieve the required elevations accurately and precisely, contributing to the successful execution of the construction plan.

Preparing for Large Scale Construction Projects

Preparing for large-scale construction projects involves a comprehensive and meticulous process that lays the foundation for a successful endeavor. The first step is thorough planning, where project goals, timelines, budgets, and resources are defined. Extensive site analysis is conducted to assess environmental conditions, soil composition, and any potential challenges. Once the planning phase is complete, permits and regulatory approvals are secured. This is followed by site preparation, including excavation, land clearing, and grading, often carried out by specialized contractors. 

Getting the Best Excavation Service

To get the best and tailored excavation service, employ the State Stone & Masonry professionals based in Wakefield, MA. Our team ensures clear communication and adequate project management throughout the construction process from inception to completion. 

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The Different Types of Stone Masonry

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing stone masonry is its durability and strength. This is one of its most notable features and the reason for its popularity. However, this isn't all there is to stone masonry. There are different types to choose from, so you don't have to limit yourself. Each of them determines how your concrete project will look.

So, if you're interested in exploring various stone masonry options, this is for you. Please keep reading to learn more about stone masonry and its different types. 

What Is Stone Masonry?

This building masonry construction method uses stone and mortar as its primary materials. The stones used are usually tough and free from cracks or cavities. They are typically cut and shaped to fit the masonry construction perfectly. Examples of stones commonly used include limestone, sandstone, and marble. In addition, the mortar is used as the binding material. This mortar is usually made from cement or lime mixed with sand and water. Stone masonry is mainly used to build foundations and arches and maintain walls and columns. 

Types of Stone Masonry

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Rubble masonry

This masonry involves using stones that are undressed or roughly dressed. Furthermore, the entire construction does not have a uniform thickness. Rubble masonry is further classified into:

  • Coursed rubble masonry
  • Unsourced rubble masonry
  • Random rubble masonry
  • Dry rubble masonry
  • Polygonal rubble masonry
  • Flint rubble masonry

Each of these sub-types has different size and height specifications. For example, the height of stones in coursed rubble masonry is between 5 cm to 20 cm. Furthermore, the height of the rocks in a particular course is the same. However, the size is different for all the courses. On the other hand, the height of stones used in uncoursed rubble masonry is equalized every 40 cm to 50 cm. 

Ashlar masonry

Unlike rubble masonry, ashlar masonry involves using polished stones, allowing for height and size uniformity. Ashlar masonry is further divided into these sub-types:

  • Rough-tooled ashlars
  • Chamfered ashlars
  • Rock-faced ashlars
  • Ashlar fine
  • Ashlar block in the course

Each of these sub-types has different methods for their production. For instance, for ashlar fine masonry, every stone is cut into a uniform shape and size that is usually rectangular-shaped. Meanwhile, for an ashlar chamfered masonry, a chisel is used for chamfering its sides at a 45-degree angle and a depth of 25mm.

Work with State Stone & Masonry Today

Stone masonry is many people's preferred choice because of its durability and strength. So if you're looking to get this as well, you can employ the services of State Stone & Masonry. They offer stone masonry services that cover a wide range. 

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Why You Should Leave Masonry Repair to the Professionals

Masonry is one of the oldest forms of construction, but it’s no surprise that it’s grown a lot over the years of building. Before you attempt to repair masonry on your home, consider why it’s smarter and more cost-effective to hire a masonry professional. 

Masonry is Difficult

Masonry work is not for the faint of hard. It’s challenging physically and requires technical skills to achieve long-lasting results. It will require a lot of time and energy to research how to do a masonry project yourself, not to mention the work of actually doing it.

Masonry Can Be Dangerous 

Masonry requires standing, lifting, bending, climbing, and much more. It can become dangerous quickly. Is it really worth injuring yourself when you could hire a trained and insured masonry professional to do it for you? If you get hurt trying to do a masonry project, it could lead to time off from your job and impact your daily life.

\masonry professional contractor


There’s a common misconception that DIY home projects are cheaper than hiring a professional. While that’s true for some simple jobs, it’s not for masonry jobs. Masonry materials and tools are pricey. When you consider the value of the time you’ll spend on the project, the price increases even more. 

You’ll likely make mistakes during the DIY process with masonry, adding more time and materials to the cost. If you cause any damage to your home while you work, that’s even more money! When you hire a professional, they can offer you a price estimate before any work begins. This allows you to budget and save properly without worrying about making the job cost more than it needs to with the DIY method. 

Protecting Your Home

The final and most commonly overlooked reason you should hire a masonry professional is because of your entire home, not just the masonry. A masonry professional is trained to identify other hidden issues in your home as they work. This allows them to bring anything they find to your attention and make a plan for repairs. Hopefully, nothing will be found, but finding issues in your home as quickly as possible is the key.

Contact State Stone & Masonry 

Contact State Stone to schedule your consultation for a masonry repair with one of our masonry experts. From minor repairs to new masonry constructions, we have the materials, knowledge, and equipment that will help you save in the long run!

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Hardscape Contractor

You finally have a vision for the unused space in your backyard, and you are ready to make it a reality. Now it is time to find the right hardscape contractor to deliver the best results. It is important to research a reliable and experienced contractor that will bring your ideas to life and stay within your budget. Hiring someone inexperienced could cost you more time and money in the long run. This process does not have to be difficult; continue reading this article to learn more about things to consider before hiring a hardscape contractor. 

Positive Reputation and Reviews

In the building sector, reputation is important. Request a list of past projects and experience from a contractor before engaging them. Verify their references and check the reviews of their clients. 

When choosing a hardscape company, consider the caliber of their work, the price of their services, and the warranty they provide. And before hiring them, request documentation of their insurance and other certifications. This will help you to anticipate receiving top-notch services from them.

Hardscaping Certification

Hardscaping is a specialized industry and requires specific training of the personnel. Therefore, it is essential to hire a contractor that possesses hardscaping certifications. Avoid such contractors that do not have credentials to back up their construction methods. 

Design Process

The design is one of the most essential elements of hardscaping. You can make the most of the area you have while maintaining within your budget if you choose a solid hardscape design.

Take a look at recent and past projects of the hardscaping contractors you are choosing from. Choose the contractor with the best quality of work. A contractor that has worked with various materials and designed different projects shows you their expertise in the field.


Finding a hardscape contractor who will create and adhere to a schedule is vital, especially when it is based on your agreement.

Consider the time frame with the hardscape contractor before signing a contract. A late and over-budget hardscaping project is the last thing you need.

Contact State Stone & Masonry for Hardscaping and Masonry Projects

Hardscape contractors are available at every corner. But you can't choose a random contractor for your projects. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the things mentioned above before hiring a contractor for your projects. State Stone & Masonry is a reputable masonry construction company that provides hardscaping, landscape construction, and masonry work to homeowners in Wakefield and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

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The Top Reasons to Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Home

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to your home, providing a space to entertain guests and cook meals outdoors. This space offers convenience for you and your family, but it can also be a lucrative addition to your home. According to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, homes with outdoor kitchens can potentially see an ROI between 100% and 200%.

Here are the top five reasons to add an outdoor kitchen to your home:

Increase the value of your home.
The top reasons to add an outdoor kitchen to your home 02
An outdoor kitchen can add significant value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. According to Zillow, homes with outdoor kitchens sell for nearly 30% more than expected - this is because the addition of an outdoor kitchen makes a house appear larger and more inviting.
The cost of installing an outdoor kitchen is not as high as you might think. To figure out the cost, you'll need to check different components and get price estimates in your region. Then decide how to build the outside kitchen you want within the price range you've set.
Expand your living space.
The top reasons to add an outdoor kitchen to your home 06
An outdoor kitchen can give you additional space to entertain guests or enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're cooking, grilling, or baking, an outdoor kitchen can help you improve your lifestyle.
It's a lot easier to host parties outdoors than indoors. If you've added a kitchen island and an outdoor bar to your outdoor patio space, setting out snacks and drinks while your friends mingle on the deck or the lawn is perfect.

Enjoy the outdoors.
The top reasons to add an outdoor kitchen to your home 03
Outdoor cooking allows everyone to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It has numerous benefits, not only for your body but also for your mind.

One of the best benefits of having an outdoor kitchen is that it will help you improve your health, as well as the health of your family.

Save money
The top reasons to add an outdoor kitchen to your home 04
An outdoor kitchen can save you money on your energy bills by providing an alternative to cooking at home.
Use an indoor kitchen during the summer. It will increase your electric bill because the extra heating inside requires the air conditioners to work harder to cool the house down.

Keep your home clean and the smell outside.
The top reasons to add an outdoor kitchen to your home 05

It may be common to feel a little twinge when you think about other families tramping around your indoor space when hosting large groups. An outdoor kitchen lets you keep the mess contained outside to one area. Also, If you cook particularly smelly foods such as fish or fried items, those smells can linger for days. If you prepare the same menu outside, your house will smell fresh.
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