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State Stone & Masonry offers excavation as part of its portfolio of services. We provide services for everything from digging swimming pools to waterproofing your foundation. We're ready to help you get your project done quickly and efficiently. We dig, move, and grade the earth using various types of heavy machinery for different construction jobs. Trenching, grading, and landscaping are the most common types of jobs.

Types of Excavation Services

Excavation professionals such as our team at State Stone & Masonry are licensed to operate heavy machinery specifically for removing large items in order to dig or clear land. Here are a few different types of excavation services

Foundation Excavation

When it is time to build a home, the first step is to clear the land and dig out the foundation. Once the foundation area is cleared, you will be ready to pour the foundation. State Stone & Masonry are the right team to call so to get your foundation prepared efficiently and professionally.

Parking Lot Excavation

If you own a business, you may be ready to add a parking lot. Not only do you have to clear the land, but you also have to level it out. Talk to our team about clearing and leveling the land to be ready for pouring asphalt or concrete.

Pool Removal

When you have an old, unusable pool in the backyard, it can require more money to keep it up than it would cost for a total pool removal. Excavation contractors can take care of your pool removal to save you money in the long run.

Yard Expansion

It may be time to clear an area of your property so you can add on to your current backyard. Maybe you imagine an expansive lawn area for children, or you may hope to create a garden. No matter the reason for the excavation, the contractors will know all about leveling and smoothing out the soil.

Basement Addition

If you are a homeowner, you may add a basement to your home. Adding a basement requires careful digging skills not to disturb the house’s structure. Our team will take care of all of the details, consulting with you about whether a basement addition is even possible for your current home.

Drainage Systems

Another reason why excavation is vital is to set up drainage systems. If your property is not graded correctly, the water can pour into your home. Our team can resolve this problem by installing various types of drains. Excavators can see what type of drainage system will work best for your property.

Work with State Stone & Masonry

Experience is everything when it comes to excavation services. Professionals will know the best way to preserve the safety and stability of the land after the job is done. We handle any excavation or land development project, whether large or small. We're licensed, bonded, and fully insured, and we've got a team of experts ready to take on your project.

If you live in Wakefield - North Reading and are in need of local excavation services, be sure to contact State Stone & Masonry today to set up an appointment so we can give you an excavation quote.

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