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Stone can help transform your outdoor spaces with energy-efficient, low-voltage landscape lighting displays that perfectly fit your needs and budgets. We'll help you create an outdoor display that will brighten your property after dark.

We will use suitable materials for the job, stand by our craftsmanship, and come out to fix/maintain your system after it has been installed. We consider ourselves your outdoor lighting partner from start to finish.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Enhances Living Space: Adding outdoor landscape lighting to your property will bring a touch of elegance to it. It can highlight the beauty of your garden or architectural features. Outdoor lighting also extends how often you use your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy it much more than without illumination.

Increased Safety: Illuminated paths and walkways are a great safety measure to prevent accidents year-round. If you host family and friends often, providing clear visibility and reducing the risk of falls wouldn't hurt. Additionally, well-lit exteriors deter potential intruders, enhancing overall home security.

Improved Property Value: Adding outdoor lighting to your landscape will significantly enhance the curb appeal by creating a welcoming atmosphere and increasing your home's property value. If you are considering selling your home, this inexpensive investment will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Energy Efficiency: Believe it or not, having outdoor lighting doesn't have to make your electric bill skyrocket. Using energy-efficient LED lights and intelligent lighting will help minimize energy consumption while enjoying a beautifully lit landscape.

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Our primary goal is to make any outdoor landscape lighting project an enjoyable experience for you. We promise to provide professionalism throughout the project, pay meticulous attention to quality and service, and be good stewards of our client's investments.

We design, install, repair, and maintain landscape lighting systems throughout the Wakefield and North Reading areas and surroundings.

Improve home property value, beauty & security. Contact us for a free outdoor lighting consultation.

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