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Snow can be a hassle for many people. At State Stone Masonry, we understand the importance of maintaining safe and accessible parking lots and sidewalks for your customers and employees. Whether you need a one-time Snow Removal Service or a regular ongoing Snow and Ice Management Solution, we can attend to your specific needs.

Our licensed, insured, efficient, and professional staff will plow and shovel your property, spread sand/ice melt per your direction, and keep you free and clear of ice and snow through even the heaviest Massachusetts storms. Our customers are our top priority, and we are committed to providing an exceptional snow removal experience.

The Importance of Snow Removal

Winters in Massachusetts can be unexpected. Being prepared for snow storms with a reliable snow removal company can take away the stress of worrying about the basic things this winter. If you are considering skimping out on snow removal services this year, here are some reasons why it can be incredibly beneficial to hire a commercial snow removal company such as State Stone & Masonry.

Snow can be a big problem, especially for business owners or those with mobility issues. Not only does it make traveling difficult, it can lead to hazardous conditions that could injure you, your employees, or even just a passerby. Here are some other reasons why it could be helpful to hire a snow removal service this winter.

Reduces Liability: One of the main benefits of us a professional snow removal service, specifically for business owners, is to reduce your liability risk. If you're not adequately prepared for a snowstorm, you could be liable for any accidents that happen on your property.

Save You Money: Using a commercial snow removal company will actually save you money in the long run. Rather than trying to handle the snow yourself and risking damage to your property or risk hurting yourself, we will handle everything for you - including all the necessary tools to remove both snow and ice.

Proper Equipment: Our team has the proper equipment to get the job done effectively and quickly - this includes everything from snowplows to icemelt and sand. If you try to remove snow or ice yourself, you may not have access to the right equipment, leading to dangerous conditions and a longer cleanup time.

Snow Removal in Wakefield, MA and Surrounding Areas

State Stone & Masonry provides our commercial snow removal services to homeowners and business owners in Wakefield, MA, North Reading, MA, and surrounding areas. For more information and to receive a complimentary commercial or residential snow removal estimate, contact us at 781.621.8661.

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