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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Hardscape Contractor

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You finally have a vision for the unused space in your backyard, and you are ready to make it a reality. Now it is time to find the right hardscape contractor to deliver the best results. It is important to research a reliable and experienced contractor that will bring your ideas to life and stay within your budget. Hiring someone inexperienced could cost you more time and money in the long run. This process does not have to be difficult; continue reading this article to learn more about things to consider before hiring a hardscape contractor. 

Positive Reputation and Reviews

In the building sector, reputation is important. Request a list of past projects and experience from a contractor before engaging them. Verify their references and check the reviews of their clients. 

When choosing a hardscape company, consider the caliber of their work, the price of their services, and the warranty they provide. And before hiring them, request documentation of their insurance and other certifications. This will help you to anticipate receiving top-notch services from them.

Hardscaping Certification

Hardscaping is a specialized industry and requires specific training of the personnel. Therefore, it is essential to hire a contractor that possesses hardscaping certifications. Avoid such contractors that do not have credentials to back up their construction methods. 

Design Process

The design is one of the most essential elements of hardscaping. You can make the most of the area you have while maintaining within your budget if you choose a solid hardscape design.

Take a look at recent and past projects of the hardscaping contractors you are choosing from. Choose the contractor with the best quality of work. A contractor that has worked with various materials and designed different projects shows you their expertise in the field.


Finding a hardscape contractor who will create and adhere to a schedule is vital, especially when it is based on your agreement.

Consider the time frame with the hardscape contractor before signing a contract. A late and over-budget hardscaping project is the last thing you need.

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Hardscape contractors are available at every corner. But you can't choose a random contractor for your projects. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the things mentioned above before hiring a contractor for your projects. State Stone & Masonry is a reputable masonry construction company that provides hardscaping, landscape construction, and masonry work to homeowners in Wakefield and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

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