The Best Home Repairs To Do This Spring

The Best Home Repairs To Do This Spring

The winter is over, and it is an excellent opportunity to fix cracked steps, stone walls, foundations, walkways, and patios.
Spring cleaning is usually all the rage at this time of year, but have you ever thought about home repairs? Winters can be especially harsh on your home depending on your climate, and while decluttering your home this season like Marie Kondo, spread some of the joy back into the hardscaping around your property with some masonry repairs.
Masonry and hardscaping both refer to the stonework around your home that isn’t made from living materials (i.e., grass or other plants around your house). Here are some of the most popular landscape construction repairs other homeowners make during the spring season.

Repair Your Foundation

Foundation issues can cause a lot of problems for your home, so it’s important to nip them in the bud quickly. Minor cracks will cost around $500 to fix, but major issues can exceed $5,000. To ensure you’re fixing the problem in the best way, it’s good to be educated on the type of foundation you have so you can work with a contractor to fix the problem. The different types of foundations are the following:
  • Concrete slab/block
  • Pier and beam
  • Brick and block
  • Basement
  • Crawl space
Getting periodic structural reports from an engineer who has no biased opinion on selling you a solution will also give you insight into the health of your foundation.

Fill in the Cracks

While brick, stone, and concrete seem indestructible, these masonry materials need repair every so often. Both brick and stone require maintenance after around 25 years, while stone should last a lifetime without any extra maintenance. However, water can cause masonry to crack with continuous freeze-thaw cycles. If you notice cracks in your stonework, a hardscaping service can easily repair these issues before they get worse. Another common problem is repointing, which entails replacing the mortar between the stone, brick, or concrete.

New Landscape Construction

With summer coming up, spring is one of the most popular times to start working on new landscape construction around your home. Whether you’re looking at replacing existing walkways or building a new patio space, a hardscaping service can create you the backyard of your dreams. Online resources from Pinterest and DIY blogs show step-by-step tutorials on how to do these projects yourself, but landscape construction companies provide premium quality that’ll increase the value of your home.
Regardless of which type of landscape construction you partake in this spring, repairs on your home always come at a cost but will prevent future damage and can sometimes even increase the value of your home.